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Patty Peachious of Peanuckle

by Patricia Kendalls I will not eat PEAS! I hate peas. Shocking. Impossible. Patty Peachious Peanuckle couldn’t possibly hate peas, after all she is the daughter of the Mayor of no other place, but Peanuckle Town. Why everyone loves peas! Not Patty, she has a one way ticket out of town to Carrotville.

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Inevitable Growth

by Dr. Sandra Sessoms-Penny You deserve to live your best life now! This book is for individuals who recognize they need a powerfully positive change in their lives –right now. Every day we have the opportunity to make a conscious choice to live better lives and be better people, both for ourselves and those around…

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The Ferguson Dilemma

by Jade Lee Since George Zimmerman’s acquittal in shooting Trayvon Martin (2013) and Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, MO (2014), America has not been the same. Seemingly overnight, racial tensions we have not seen to this extent, since the Civil Rights Movement, have erupted. Only a few years prior to the Trayvon Martin incident, the…

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Healing The Broken Heart

by Rodica Lambert Healing the Broken Heart will take you on a journey of discovery, forgiveness and healing so you can move from a life of sadness and defeat into joy and victory. Each year many of us go through different check ups; it may be a physical check up, a financial check up, or…

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