Healing The Broken Heart

by Rodica Lambert

Healing the Broken Heart will take you on a journey of discovery, forgiveness and healing so you can move from a life of sadness and defeat into joy and victory. Each year many of us go through different check ups; it may be a physical check up, a financial check up, or perhaps a performance review at our workplace. But how often do we take time to do a heart check up? There are times when we may experience aches and pains in our bodies, which tell us something is wrong. We try to fix the pain on our own but if it doesn’t go away we go to the doctor to address it and get relief. But how many times do we experience heartache or painful emotions and instead of addressing them, we medicate them with toxic relationships and things, or just keep stuffing them down and continue on living life? The increase in use of antidepressant substances in our society is a reflection that we have a heart problem and medicating it may relieve the symptoms for a while but it is not eliminating them. Just like any physical condition that is not properly addressed can advance to more complicated conditions down the road, so the unresolved pain in the heart can develop damage not only to ourselves but those around us if not properly cared for. Have you experienced the symptoms of a broken heart?· Emptiness, Loneliness, Rejection, Anger, Self hatred, Bitterness, Insecurity, Fear, Anxiety, Feeling Stuck, Unforgiveness, Depression, Suicidal thoughts Are you ready to address these symptoms and break the cycles of failure, brokenness and rejection in your life? The cure has been provided, the choice is yours.