Inevitable Growth

by Dr. Sandra Sessoms-Penny

You deserve to live your best life now! This book is for individuals who recognize they need a powerfully positive change in their lives –right now.

Every day we have the opportunity to make a conscious choice to live better lives and be better people, both for ourselves and those around us. It all begins with a thought! It is up to YOU to THINK, BELIEVE and ACT– with purpose, intention and consistency! This book includes a host of practical strategies and resources to help you grow your life personally, professionally, spiritually and more. The refreshing insights will help to take you from where you are to exactly where you would like to be. Feel free to be flexible and creative in your endeavors. More importantly, be committed to the process of growing your life as well as your family, business, church and community. Read this book with anticipation, hope and high expectations. Be renewed and refreshed about what you learn about yourself. Commit everything you do to God who is our true source of power – ask, seek and knock. You have selected the right source to make a great life happen.