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    I have been in a high pressure, high accuracy business for well over 16 years and have worked with a variety of clientele. I by far will say that International Publishing has provided exceptional quality and product, even against some of the best publishing companies out there. They were able to stay on track with the expected deadlines throughout the process. They have an outstanding graphics team that was able to provide the true essence of the book with their designs.  This team was prompt on responses to questions and concerns, while providing some of the best service I have received from any company in years! 

    I was thrilled to work with their team and will recommend anyone to International Publishing.  This was my first book and they talked me through the entire process. They also out beat many of the other competitors, while providing it at a very reasonable price! Throughout the process their team went the extra mile to make sure they provided the absolute best product out there. On top of all that, they have a true heart for God and helping others in the marketplace. 

    I have already received several speaking engagements, book signings within one week of having the book published.  I have also received multiple compliments on the book, layout and design.  This is because of the International Publishing team!

    Shawn Decker